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Ayat e Kareema se Bemariyon Ka ilaaj PDF Free Download

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The book “Ayat e Kareema se Deeni or Duniyavi Bemariyon Ka ilaaj” is written by Syed Afaq Hussain. This is a special prayer of Hazrat Younus (A.S). If a person is upset or troublesome, he should recite Ayat e Kareema. The blessing of this verse will end its troubles.

Ayat e Kareema se Bemariyon Ka ilaaj PDF Free Download

Ayat e Kareema and Black Magic, Sifli Jadu, Love Marriage Spells

The verse has many benefits. The person who reads Aayat Kareema is protected from misery, protected from disasters, fulfilled in every wish, spiritual cure for impotence, protected from illness, abolished in marriage, Development in wealth and business, every difficult task becomes easier.

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