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Majmoa e Wazaif PDF Free Download

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The book “Majmoa e Wazaif” is written by Moulana Nazeer Ahmed Sahab. In this book, you can read wazaif for problems and diseases and you can also read the benefits of reading different Surah of Quran e Majeed.

Majmoa e Wazaif PDF Free Download

Benefits of Reading Surah of Quran e Majeed

In this book, you can read the benefits of reading Surah Fateha, Surah e Kahf, Surah e Yaseen, Surah e Rehman, Surah e Waqiya, Surah e Mulk, Surah e Kafiroon, Surah e Ikhlaas, Surah e Falaq, Surah e Naas, Fazilatof Ayat ul Kursi, Last 2 Ayats of Surah e Baqrah, Namaz e Tahajud, Namaz e Istekhara, Namaz e Hajat, Namaz e Touba Ki Fazilat, Haj Ka Tariqa in Urdu PDF, Syed ul Astaghfar, Shab e Qadar Ki Dua.

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