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Dua e Rehmani PDF Free Download

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Today I am sharing with you Dua’s book which name is Dua e Rehmani. It is written by Faqeer Syed Mehboob Ali Urf Noor Ullah Shah. It consists of 9 pages.

Dua e Rehmani PDF Free Download

Benefits of Dua e Rehmani   

The difficulties of those who read this prayer are eliminated, business and employment progress, every objective and test is successful, every sorrow is removed, if a person is ill, his illness ends. Etc.

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Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad Kashani writes in his writings that if a disaster comes somewhere, then read this dua for three days, a few people should read Durood Sharif 100 times together and then read this prayer one thousand one hundred twenty-five times and in the end read. A hundred times Durood Sharif and pray to Allah. Insha Allah, they will be away from trouble and disaster.

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